Production Capabilities


We hand cut all our glass on a tilting air float cutting table which allows us to easily manipulate even the largest sheet of glass. In instances where hand cutting is simply impossible we have access to water jetting capabilities.

Hole Drilling

Our Bavaloni drill press drills through both sides of the glass minimizing potential for chipping and shelling of the glass to occur. we are capable of driling wholes ranging from and 1/8" up to 4" in diameter in multiple thicknesses of glass.


We have two Italian edging machines both accurate with in a 1/32". our main edging machine has been just recently rebuilt from the ground up. It is turning out a crytal clear polish, as well as capable of mitering at multiple different degree angles.

Back Painting

We have numerous years of back painting experience. We use only a select grade of adhesive paint to ensure qualitiy bonding. Over the years we have also developed and near perfected our spraying tecnique to ensure an even dispersion, and flow of paint. This garuntees the desired look, and feel that our customers have come to expect. What seperates us from our competitors is that we offer the ability to match almost any color even slight shade variences. Along with our ability offer unmatched customization, all this can be done in relatively short, lead times due to the fact that we fabricate, and spray in house.